Prayer is not a ritual of going through empty motions and asking for what we want and hoping we will get it because He alone is to be our exceedingly great reward. Prayer is not saying a few things to YAHveh (the LORD) and feeling you rendered Him a portion of your day. Prayer is the love song of our Bridegroom saying, “Come away with Me, My beloved.” Prayer is to be near Him and to commune, worship and praise Him. To seek Him with all our heart until we find Him and then He rewards us with His enveloping, infusing, infilling love that will not fail. Love becomes stronger the more and more we repent.  It is the expression of His love to forgive us and embrace us close to Himself in oneness and intimacy as the sin is removed by the power of the blood. The language of prayer and the language of love cannot be separated.  He who has been forgiven much—loves much (see Luke 7:47). We are so magnetized by love responding to His love and that love growing and growing that we want to talk to Him and be with Him and everything pales in comparison.  It is a constant intimate love and its embrace gets stronger and stronger and the desire to be with Him in His Presence and near Him doesn’t ever need words other than worshipping Him, which is the ultimate.


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